• Machining & Prototyping

  • Restauration & Detailing

  • Wheelbuilding

  • Tuning

  • Tune-up

Even though we principally are bike manufacturers, we keep a day a week available for servicing clients in our community. Since we are bike manufacturers, we are able to put a unique extensive toolset (in comparison to your traditional bike shop)  and skillset at your disposition.   However, space and resources are limited, for this reason, we will ask you to book with us a time in advance.

We are available for Tune-ups, Tunings, Wheel building and truing, as well as Restauration and Detailing of Vintage bikes. We also have CNC machines and 3D Printers and would be able to produce your prototypes or manufacture a missing part.

Feel free to message us and consult our public calendar for availabilities.

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