About Holoscene Ebikes

Is this an ebike?

Yes it is! It’s a light and rugged ebike. But it also happens to be an incredibly strong and durable urban road bike. We’ve encased the power cells and electronics into the frame eliminating the need for additional external housing and wiring.

By doing so, exposure to the elements is minimized, so is weight. As a result, we’ve made the Holoscene featherweight and more rugged and lowered the center of gravity for improved road handling. Your ebike gains in nimbleness, range and durability. We packed this hybrid bike with best of class components sourced in the USA, Germany, Italy and Japan that are stronger and lighter than the ones found mass-produced bike or ebikes.  Yes, strong is the new weenie.

How did you come up with the idea of the Rugged & Light Ebike?

Our founder was born and raised in Canada.  A country famous for its lakes and mountains, but also notorious for its pothole-filled roads and extreme weather. In Germany, he noticed the popularity of ebikes and fell in love with the idea, but quickly realized that such bikes would be severely challenged in countries with not so tempered climates, like  Canada.  His appreciation for German craftsmanship and engineering also grew in time as he got more exposed to German made products. He was set on creating an ebike, that was built and engineered in Germany. But ultimately designed for a country, like Canada.

He was happy to find locally a team of engineers and craftsmen that were up for the challenge. Being an avid cyclist himself, this ebike should not only be fit for the Canadian climate, but also light, beautiful and rugged. An ebike that would set the bar higher in terms of durability and weatherproofing and that you’d also be proud riding to and from work just as easily to your favorite bike trails and back.

Since we have started, many cyclists from around the world have expressed their interest for the Holoscene. We have come to realize that there is a need for Light and Rugged ebikes, not only Canada, but in many locales that are beset by less clement weather and experience on occasion extreme bike conditions, like torrential rains, flash floods and less than ideal roads. The Holoscene is designed to be less affected by these conditions in comparison with other ebikes.

Why get an ebike in the first place?

Until you have tried one, you’ll never realize how much fun they are. Their electric power drives increases your range and your average speed, making longer commutes feasible. They top every stride with extra power.

That sudden boost will give you the feeling you’re cycling like a champ even on your bad day. They work to shorten distances and flatten cities, meaning that there is no excuse not to jump on and ride. You won’t arrive to your destination sweaty either, thanks to electric assist. Now that they are light and rugged, the opportunities to ride for the sheer enjoyment of it just increases exponentially.

Why is this bike built in Germany?

Germany is renowned for it’s engineering and Boreal Bikes is no exception. Our bikes are built in Germany, where quality, craftsmanship and excellence are demanded. Our team is based in Berlin, keeping us close to local engineers and craftsmen that build with excellence in mind. We breathe our philosophy of building locally and sustainably.

Isn’t it kind of expensive?

No, it’s not. This is a bike that you can rely on and one that will be with you for the long run. In addition to the engineering quality, our bikes can save a lot of money, replacing cars, public transport costs. They will also reduce your carbon footprint, saving you cash and the planet. We have included several features, like bike tracking, that will help you protect your investment. We even have bike theft policy, that will ensure you have a bike replacement with no further delay.

What material is the frame made of?

The frame is made of aircraft grade aluminium, welded by award-winning Berlin-based framebuilder Spleenworks, and powder coated by one of the most renowned powder coaters in Germany, Neuser from Berlin.

If you have ever been taken away by the sheer beauty of the shimmer of a powder coated surface on a German-built luxury car or high-end road bike, it is very likely that the finish was executed by Neuser’s expert hands. For our premium finishes, the Holoscene is powder coated three times using a technique that has been used exclusively until now on premium German-built luxury cars.

What about the fork?

The fork is light and strong,  made of carbon. Carbon has exceptional properties, and one of them, is its ability absorb to vibrations and improve your ride.  This eliminates the need of a heavier suspension. The fork is custom painted by a local bike artisan, Burqhard Hein.

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Where can I test ride the Holoscene?

Test rides are available by appointment at our Berlin Workshop. Occasionally, we will do test rides in other cities. You can sign up now, so we can inform you of our latest city dates.

Berlin is amazing city to visit. It has one of the most dynamic cultural and has one of the most developped biking infrastructures in Europe. The bike trails are wunderbar and cycling is one of the better ways to discover this unique European capital. There are several direct flights from European and U.S. major cities to Berlin. We will reimburse $300 on your travel expenses, if you finally decide on purchasing one of our bikes.

Which tires are fitted with the bike?

At Boréal Bikes, we are tire obsessed, because we know tires have a huge impact on your riding experience. For this reason, we offer a range of tires that are a great match with your bike and will most likely satisfy your riding preferences.

For race-like performance, we recommend the Michelin Jet Cyclocross tires. Light and grippy, we just love their gummy rubber that offers perfect adherence on paved roads and off road. At colder temperatures, the adherence is still excellent. If your routes are comprised of paved roads and dirt bike trails, and you’re not set off by the special needs of high performance tires, we recommend the Michelin Jet Cyclocross.

We also recommend a selection of some of the best German made bike tires that offer great adherence and puncture resistance for daily commuting. The Kojak are great slicks with all the grippiness you need on paved roads, making it the ideal candidate for taking tight corners on city streets. The Marathon Supreme is one of highest quality tires to be found, known for its puncture resistance and grip. It’s not surprising that this tire has its legions of fans. We also like Sammy Slick, an easy rolling tire that corners safely and has Schwalbe’s unique puncture protection. For cycling on icy roads, we highly recommend the studded Marathon Winter from Schwalbe, with its extremely wear resistant tungsten carbide core spikes.

What about smrtGRiPS?

We have designed a cockpit that is minimal, distraction-free and thoughtfully ergonomic. The award-winning smrtGRiPS are an integral part of it,  offering haptic notifications and audible cues that will inform you immediately and safely of turns to take and road hazards to avoid. Being display-free, the smrtGRiPS enhances your safety and pleasure to ride, by keeping  your attention on the road ahead.


Can I have an ebike according to my exact measurements?

Yes. We want your bike to feel like you. Once you have completed building your bike on line, we will call reach out to you so we can take your measurements and find out more about your riding style. Our goal is that you get perfectly fitted bike for you. Email us (rsvp@borealbikes.com) or phone us to set an appointment.


How long does it take to receive the a bike?

Biking excellence needs some time to achieve. It usually 6  weeks to receive your beautifully designed custom-built bike. This is because each bike is made to order and custom fitted to your body and riding style. Premium powder coats will take an additional 2 weeks. Once you approve the delivery date, we will start building your bike.

How is my bike delivered?

We offer free world wide shipping for our bikes, but if you decide to come and pick up your bike in person, we will give you $300 to cover travel expenses. The bike comes fully assembled.

From the time you open the box to the moment you’ll get your ride on the road, it will take about 10 minutes. All what is left is to straighten the handlebar, install the pedals and connect the battery. If you would prefer to have you local bike mechanic to complete the setup, go ahead, we will cover the expense of having that done for you. If you have any questions or concerns regarding final installation, please reach out to us before taking the Holoscene for its maiden ride.

How about returns and refunds?

We take pride in our work. In case case of engineering issues of any kind we will resolve them immediately. We are also willing to exchange frame sizes if you receive your bike and you want a smaller or larger size. We offer a full refund within 21 days,  if your bicycle is returned in a new condition (no scratches, no dents, no scuffs nor signs of wear).