Our E-Bike

This is the Holoscene. Yes, the one you’ve read about in books about bike design and magazines. This is the  Original Sin that changed our lives forever. At the time of its introduction, it was visionary. It has been studied,  imitated, but never replicated. Agile and nimble handling, a responsive hub motor, that thrusts the rider into the desired direction at his command. Sensors accurately capture the cyclist’s movements and actively amplify it through its electrified drivetrain. This is a ride like no other. This is the bike you must get your hands on, at least once in your lifetime, so you can experience the Ride.

Our Bikes

Simplified and purified. What would be the Holoscene at its purest form? The Boréal Natur. Minimalist and pure, agile and nimble, elegant and balanced, this is the bike you’ve always been looking for. Less is definitely more. You’ll be pleased to find the excellent craftsmanship and precise engineering that contribute to its excellent handling. Made-to-measure, we guarantee a perfect fit that will greatly improve the quality of your ride.

Say hello to your new Pleasuredome, since the city is your new Velodrome. The 030 will take you where ever you want to be. It features smooth welds and a pure and minimalist approach to bike design and the responsive drivetrain of your choice. Light and quick, it knows how to take advantage or the fast bike lanes you find in Germany, the Netherlands or  Denmark. The geometry is conceived for agile handling. The balanced design makes it very nimble and ready for quick cornering.  You’ll enjoy the responsiveness of a bike that ensures you that you’ll reach every destination with ease and confidence. Built to measure in Germany for your complete riding enjoyment.

Boréal Bikes is a new kind of bike company. We created a design and manufacturing process that totally involves riders and communities like yours.  Everything we do is rider-centric and driven by the community.

We custom build so your bike reflects your riding style. We never stop thinking on how we can improve our bike tech so your ride gets you there reliably, wherever and whenever that may be. Our goal is to make sure that every stride you take contributes to your pleasure to ride and awesome lifestyle. By building locally in Berlin, Germany, we believe that we get even closer to that goal.

This is why we custom build all our bikes one at a time.


You'll find an amazing bike within every Boréal E-bike. Popular demand is the reason behind our Natur bike. We have stripped the Boréal E-bike of its motor, batteries, and electronics and what you get [...]


Light and Rugged Ebikes, that are also beautifully designed. Boreal Bike's founder, Louis Huard, was born and raised in Canada. A country famous for its lakes and mountains, but also notorious for its pothole-filled roads and extreme weather.


Berlin is a great place to ride the Holoscene. As per wiki "The city has highly developed bicycling infrastructure ... 620 km of bike paths including around 150 km mandatory bicycle paths, 190 km off-road bicycle routes (...)" Get a 60€ discount for test riding in Berlin.