ASI Motor Controller 500 watt


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Suited for most electric bicycles, this controller provides a smooth ride as always, and includes BACDoor for amazing customization.

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The ASI BAC Ne 500 is a high power density electric bike controller that utilizes the latest in sinusoidal field oriented control to ensure smooth and quiet brushless DC motor operation and efficient vehicle operation.
Eliminating the traditional metal case, the profile is minimized by encapsulating the controller in a durable polymer.

Model: BAC Ne 500-48-50


  • Peak motor currents up to 50A
  • Can be attached to additional heat sinking to significantly increase performance
  • Standard JST Signal connector on the board
  • Dual Communications ports TTL232 or RS485
    PWM drive for low ripple current and silent drive
  • Field oriented control for increased efficiency and smooth motor operation